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A few years ago I decided to tackle a problem I encountered around the holidays - how could I display holiday photo cards without using tape, push-pins, staples or damaging adhesives? I looked around the kitchen and realized how much wall space was taken up by cabinets and went to work designing a solution.

After some trial and error, I developed the prototype for Ribb-Its™ display system that uses no adhesives. Ribb-Its display system is comprised of three parts - a double-ended clip, decorative ribbon and a 2-part magnet. Voila! A simple, attractive and non-damaging display system that coordinates with any decor.

Perfect for use during the holidays, Ribb-Its display system can also be used year-round to display invitations, school reminders, kids' artwork, family photos and more. Tuck coupons, business cards and other items on the inside of the cabinet to keep them handy but out-of-sight.

Thank you for your interest in Ribb-Its display system.